Serenity Massage and Facials by Jackie Elliott

32 Werger Road, West Sand Lake, NY, 12196

Serenity Massage and Facials by Jackie Elliott

32 Werger Road

West Sand Lake, NY, 12196

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My gift certificate pick up box has been so nice to have. Being able to put gift certificates out there for clients to grab at their convenience while I am still working, perfect!
Still need a Christmas gift for someone?
Call or text 518-424-9580 to get the gift of relaxation for you or someone you love!

So excited to say Facials are back!

It’s time you call or text me at (518) 424-9580 to book you some ME TIME.

I am thankful to have been back to work for over 2 weeks now! Thank you to all my clients that have come back and will be back soon!

I look forward to being back to work after three months off. In phase 3 I can do massage but not facials. I am guessing after two weeks when we switch to phase 4 they will be allowed. Please feel free to reach out when you are ready to come back or with any questions you may have.
I miss everyone and can’t wait to get back to work! I thought I was phase 2 but am now phase 3, unless that gets changed again. I look forward to this roller coaster ride ending and I can see everyone again 🤞
Repurposed a mailbox to create a gift certificate and product pick up spot. For when it is easier or safer for a client to grab at their convenience.

Roger finished the door and it couldn’t be more perfect!!! I miss everyone and look forward to when I can work again. Plus, Mother’s Day is coming up. I have gift certificates available, facial products, and cbd creams/drops/gummies. Please reach out 518-424-9580 and we can discuss how to purchase anything!
Another door for the little room of doors 😊I have wanted a door here since I bought the house. You might remember the white curtain that hung to cover the stairway. It couldn’t be coming along any more perfect. I huge thank you to my brother Roger, this helps calm my mind and gives me hope ❤️ I can’t wait to get back to work and see everyone again.

As everyone hit right now with not being able to work I hope more than anything it isn’t too long till we get to work again. I will be reaching out to reschedule appointments. I will still be selling gift certificates as well as skincare and cbd products. Please feel free to contact me to let you know how you can purchase them online. I would like to say Thank you and how much I appreciate my clients, you give me hope that it is a temporary close. A positive I keep trying to tell myself is that one day I will look back at this and be thankful of the time I had to spend with my kids.

Clifton Park Mom Prom Girl, wash your face. Or... have Jackie do it for you! Thank you to Serenity Massage and Facials by Jackie Elliott for donating a gift card for Mom Prom! Who’s getting excited? We know we are!

Serenity Massage and Facials by Jackie Elliott

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