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www.aserenetouch.com - A Serene Touch Day Spa & Salon - Spa Packages View our website for more information! www.aserenetouch.com Nail CareA Serene Touch Spa Manicure $20.00A Serene Touch Spa Pedicure $40.00A Serene Touch Hot River and Earth Stone Pedicure $50.00Children’s Serene Touch Mini pedicureChildren’s Serene Touch mini manicure
[12/01/15]   Relaxing and Stress Relieving
Therapeutic Massage
Experience a 30 minute neck and back, 60 minute full body, or a 90 minute full body therapeutic massage which helps to manipulate the muscle and connective tissue. Enjoy “A Serene Touch” that will stimulate body function and promote relaxation and well being.
30 Minute Neck And Back $40.00
60 Minute Full Body $65.00
90 Minute Full Body $90.00

Deep Muscle Relieving Massage
Treat yourself to a 30 minute neck and back, 60 minute full body, or a 90 minute full body deep tissue massage to release chronic muscle tension. “A Serene Touch” which is preformed using slower strokes and applying a more direct deep pressure. Deep Tissue massages focus on more specific areas.

30 Minute Neck And Back $45.00
60 Minute Full Body $70.00
90 Minute Full Body $100.00

Couples Serene Therapeutic Massage
Relax and enjoy the experience of a couples massage with your lover, companion, or best friend. It’s a great way to enjoy one of the most enjoyed services at the spa. Two separate massage therapists provide “A Serene Touch” to each individual. Chose from a 30 minute neck and back, or a 60 minute full body.

30 Minute Neck And Back $80.00
60 Minute Full Body $130.00

Aromatherapy Massage
Chose from a variety of healing and relaxing essential oils which are made from flowers, roots, and herbs. Aromatherapy provides “A Serene Touch” and aides in the relaxation process to remove tension build up. You’ll love this 60 minute full body massage which is followed by a 15 minute warming wrap.

75 Minute Full Body $75.00
Rest & Relaxation
Champagne Rose
Tea Tree

Hot River and Earth Stone Therapeutic Massage
A hot stone therapeutic massage that melts away muscle tension and allows for a deeper concentrated massage. You’ll love the feel of the heated smooth flat stones as they glide over your stressed muscles. “A Serene Touch” heat that warms and relaxes the muscles and allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure if desired.

80 Minutes Full Body $85.00
Nail Care
Manicure $15.00
Pedicure $25.00

A Serene Touch Spa Manicure $20.00
In addition to the basic manicure you will enjoy the feel of a relaxing massage to rejuvenate those tired, overworked hands.

$20.00-30 minutes
Add a hand paraffin $8.00
Polish Change $8.00

A Serene Touch Spa Pedicure $40.00
Relieve your tensions by relaxing in a massage chair as your feel are given a warm bubble bath followed by a ultra-relaxing treatment which includes trimming and shaping of the toenails, cleaning cuticles, exfoliated the feet, and wrapping them in hot towels for a tingling, smoothing, and fresh feeling. This pedicure completes with massaging of the calves and feet with a soothing lotion and professional polish.

$40.00- 60 minutes
Add French tip $5.00
Add Foot Paraffin which is a relaxing heat therapy to smooth and rejuvenate your skin $10.00
Polish Change $8.00

A Serene Touch Hot River and
Earth Stone Pedicure $50.00
In addition to your spa pedicure enjoy a warm, tranquil light massage of the lower legs and feet using our Hot River and Earth Stones.

Children’s Serene Touch Mini pedicure

$15.00 - 20 minutes

Children’s Serene Touch mini manicure

$10.00-15 minutes
[12/01/15]   Haircuts

Wash & Style or Wash and Set $16.00
Wash, Cut & Style $23.00
Gentlemen's Cut $13.00
Children 10 and under $11.00
Girl Wash, Cut Style $14.00

Hair Relaxers $55.00 and up
Perms $50.00
Spirals $85.00
Each Additional Perm $10.00
Hair Past Mid Back $20.00 Extra
Hair Coloring

Hair color $35 & up
Color Touch Up $28.00
Highlight $40.00
Corrective Color $75 &up
Gentlemen's Color $22.00
Other Hair Services

Conditioning Treatments $18.00 & Up
French Braids $12.00
Up Do's $30.00 & Up

Waxing Services

Brows $10.00
Lip $10.00
Chin $8.00 and Up
Sides Of Face $8.00 and Up
Under Arm $14.00 And Up
Lower Legs $35.00 And Up
Complete Legs $75.00 And Up
Bikini $30.00 And Up
[12/01/15]   Welcome to A "Serene Touch" Day Spa and Salon. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and professional staff which will make your spa experience a memorable one. We offer an array of services which include a full hair salon, waxing, manicures, pedicures, massages and services for any special event.

Schedule your Spa or Salon service today by calling 841-4200. We are here for your ultimate relaxation and well being. Let us help to relieve your worries and stress while at A Serene Touch Day Spa & Salon.
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