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Free Presentation Info | 3D Solar Project What an ingenious way to incorporate solar into your life... 100% FREE VIDEO PRESENTATION Free Video Presentation Reveals MIT-Designed 3D Solar Array Capable Of Generating Up To 20x More Electricity Than Conventional Solar Panels In This Free Video Presentation You Will See: How vertically stacking solar panels in this precise zig-zag pattern puts conventiona... The Power of Words | Carol Ransom Designs We may not normally consider words to be energy — but just think about the emotion that words conjure up in us.
EFT Tapping Training and Workshops EFT is a powerful tool. It's high time for mainstream medicine to recognize its contribution to achieving wellness. PTSD Treated Successfully in 10 Sessions or Less: Kaiser Permanente's peer-reviewed publication, The Permanente Journal, recently published practice guidelines for using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with patients diagnosed with PTSD (Church, Stern et al., 2017). Thank you Dawson Church, David Feinstein and colleagues for another milestone!!!
Carol Ransom Designs
Carol Ransom Designs's cover photo Carol Clears Clutter | so energy flows... We have just entered a new Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster. Have you noticed a change in energy? Check my website for Feng Shui consultation options... .....
[02/16/17]   My goal is to assist you in improving the energy flow in you and your environment. Carol Clears Clutter | so energy flows... Visit to find out about improving your energy flow...
[04/01/16]   I invite you to join me for gaining freedom from your clutter.... whatever form it may take. Good energy needs space to move.
Carol Ransom Designs

Carol Ransom Designs

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