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All we can say is WOW! Thank you for everyone who contributed to this amazing collection of donations for United Way to benefit Hope House.

Donations total:

Toothbrushes 158
Toothpaste tubes 81
Deodorant 46
Shampoo 57
Also- countless tampons, conditioners, travel hygiene kits, hand sanitizers, bars of soap, lotions, body wash & tissues!!

Overall donation value: Priceless

The generosity of our patient family is so heart warming. Our team thanks you for your support in our hygiene collection drive & so does the people at Hope House!!

#generous #patient #family #hygiene #donations #wow
Go check out our costume contest from today! Vote now until Oct 31 @ 12 noon 🎃👻♥️ Hey Cool Cat & Kittens- it’s time to VOTE for your favorite team members costume for our annual costume competition!!! Check out their videos in our story!

Please “Like” our page & Vote!

Ways to support your favorite costume:

1) Like their post
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Voting ends October 31st @ 12 noon!

** Disclaimer: Drs. Zalatan & Suy are not in the contest but they appreciate any love!! ***
Check out my dental partner Dr. Zalatan - he is so excited about all of the hygiene items donated!! These items are to benefit Hope House in Utica- a homeless shelter that helps provide a safe place for those in need. As we prepare for the work week, I encourage you to contribute!There are still a few days this week to bring in your items. Spread the love, donate some items, ask your friends to donate too! Now until Oct 31st @modern.dentist 🦷♥️
It’s a Bills win kind of Monday 🏈♥️ #billsmafia #nfl #football
chicagotribune.com Dentists are seeing an epidemic of cracked teeth. What’s going on? The Epidemic within the Pandemic- cracked teeth & stress grinding! chicagotribune.com When I reopened my practice in early June, the fractures started coming in: at least one a day, every single day that I’ve been in the office. On average, I’m seeing three to four; the bad days are six-plus fractures. What’s going on?
uticaod.gannettcontests.com 2020 Best of the Best We are very please to be in the Top 5 of Best Local Dentist, please support us with your vote! You can vote everyday, once a day during the voting period. Thank you & have a great day! uticaod.gannettcontests.com Check it out now!
Not fragile like a flower 🌺—
Fragile like a bomb 💣—
HEY! I got an award over the weekend & I want to celebrate!!!There is so much negativity in the world today, we must remember to celebrate the positive in our life ♥️

On July 18, 2020 I was officially awarded with the distinction as a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry! 🎖It has been an amazing journey since my first day of dental school, my first day practicing & today!!

The AGD has been such a great organization to inspire & educate our profession- one thing that really resonants with me is how they describe this achievement & invite us to display our awards to represent our continuous journey toward improvement, progress & excellence in dentistry.

I am always pushing myself & as I continue to grow I learn how to turn the wheels of growth vs. spinning them. Self development is such an uncomfortable thing sometimes.

Science & medicine are MOVING parts— you hope to succeed but sometimes you fail, sometimes you learn- sometimes you learn when you fail & then sometimes you are inventing solutions to something new.

I am so very appreciative to my fellow scientists & healthcare providers out there & I encourage everyone to continue to keep pushing, keep growing & making progress!

With my new distinction, I vow to share more of my dental medicine in hopes we all can continue towards excellence.

Thank you to EVERYONE who supports me. This one is for you ♥️
If we must wear surgical caps- I definitely have to have a variety of cute ones!! 💞 So thankful for my mother in law for keeping me cute & safe 🥰 She has many patterns and does masks too!! Check her out for fashionable PPE!! #thanksmom #ppe
Had so much fun with Dr. Krolian this week at the office! Thanks for visiting & sharing the love of dentistry 🦷😷💞
What a beautiful day for dentistry 🦷💕
Dentistry during the week, fishing on the weekends- it must be summer 😝🦷🎣
Greater Utica Chamber Excited to be a guest on Greater Utica Chamber's Podcast last night! Joined the wonderful team at Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist almost 2 and a half years ago, became a permanent member 1 year ago & I couldn't be happier with the growth of our practice inside & out! Check it out! MEET GUESTS Dr. Justin Zalatan and Dr. Salina Suy, Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist! The Greater Utica Chamber is featuring a different local business several times a week in a special edition of their Leveling Up Podcast called “Leveling Up-Social Distancing Series”. Executive Director Meghan McGrogan will interview business owners or organization leaders and let you know who they are, what their business is, and how you can access their services or products to support them. Supporting local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial to their survival.
We Are Open 💙 Who knew 3 words would mean so much? So very happy to have had an amazing first day back seeing patients! Special shout out to our dream team @ ZDMD 😘
It’s official! We can officially open for routine care. June 1st - Botox, cleanings, whitenings are now welcome! We know some thought Botox was an emergency, well now we are back! It’s been a long awaited day. Unfortunately, some are still waiting for the day they can go back to work and we hope that day is soon for us all.

With the time we spent closed, some changes have taken place in the office.

We have shared some new advances in our office with you already, from the Extraoral suction systems that were featured on WKTV, to the UVC in our HVAC and even new Intraoral suction systems along with HEPA filters.

Along with those cool devices, these systems below will help reduce patient flow through the office and helps increase the patient experience with our team and require your help to make these systems work.

Please update your information before you arrive @ the patient connect portal -https://www.patientconnect365.com/ a link specific for you will be emailed in all the reminders. Also this main site link can be found on our website, and we will also txt you. All your health history, medical information, insurance, consents, etc. can and should now be done prior to your arrival. This will connect directly to our system and will be reviewed remotely prior to your entry into the office. In the event you do not have a smart device or computer at home, we will provide an iPad in the office to fill out the information. We ask again, please have this done prior, as it creates unnecessary delay in your treatment if it’s not done beforehand.

Within the same patient connect portal @ https://www.patientconnect365.com/ you can now see your treatment history and even make payments online along with updating all the necessary forms.

Please, when you arrive use the virtual waiting room instead of calling or just walking in. The days of everyone gathered inside the office waiting room are so 2019. Now in 2020
No sign up is required, all you have to do is go to the link and enter your name. That’s it! This will free up our phone lines, we can
Guess whose back? (Back again? 🤪)

So happy to be returning back to caring for our patients on a regular basis 💙
Had a little team review on the new extraoral systems in the office. My mouth is so clean - love that feeling 😜
wktv.com Local dentists taking extra precautions to ensure patient safety Did you miss my partners segment last night? We both were feeling camera shy but he stepped up to do an awesome job! Check it out here, spread the knowledge! Dentists are doing everything we can! Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist 🦷 wktv.com Local dentists are preparing to accept patients when the time comes.
Educating our community is key to us! Please check out Dr. Justin on WKTV TONIGHT @ 10pm as we review dentists reopening!
Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist New SAFETY installations coming in. Check out one of our new extra-oral suctions! Remember, safety is the TOP priority! Making the office pretty is not the only thing we are doing!! Our TOP priority is the SAFETY of our patients. What do you think this NEW Extra-Oral Suction will help our team with in regards to safety?
Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there! Thank you for all that you do ♥️
Nothing can brighten your day more than surprise wedding prints from your amazing wedding photographer! Thank you Erin for sending us love 🥰 These are perfect for home decorating, one of my favorite quarantine activities. For any future brides who haven’t booked yet, check Erin Covey Creative out! She is a local documentary style photographer who is a complete joy to work with 😁Here’s to a grateful Friday going into the weekend ♥️

#grateful #friday #supportlocal
Everyday I try to exercise! My favorite activity is “dance walking” 💃🏻 It is what it sounds like 😂 I put my favorite shoes, headphones & shades on 😍 I carry my mask in my pocket & put it on if I am getting close or passing by someone. In a world where we can’t see smiles anymore, here is a reminder the smiles are still there underneath it all 😁 @ Utica, New York
May the Floss Be With You 🦷
Dr. Salina S. Suy
Selfie Sunday from my virtual interview a couple weeks ago with @wktv 🦷 As we prepare to reopen we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our team & patients. Stay safe everyone & enjoy your Sunday 😁
Dr. Salina S. Suy's cover photo
I miss dentistry. It’s a tough time for us as it is for everyone. Weird knowing a virus came about that is extra dangerous in our professional lives. Hang in there dentistry. I’ll see you on the other side.
[04/22/20]   See you guys LIVE today Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist 🦷
Thank you everyone for joining us this week on our first Facebook LIVE update. I will be going LIVE next week, so come join! The topic is going to be “Coronavirus & our community”! Stay safe & have a great weekend ✨
Fun Fact, my mother named me after the iconic Selena 🌹 It’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday Selena ♥️
If you haven't yet- go to Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist & 'LIKE" our page. We are doing our first LIVE event tomorrow with Dr. Justin & Office Updates. Hope to see you there. We miss you! We hope to see you TOMORROW @ 12pm for our first Facebook LIVE event with Dr. Justin on office updates. Please share with anyone who would want to join us :D Have an amazing day!
Good morning! Still loving my homemade masks made by my mother in law 🦋 Remember when out & about you want to cover your nose & mouth. No homemade mask? Use a scarf. Enjoy your day today 😷
Here is to a new week everyone! We hope everyone is staying healthy & safe. This Wednesday, join us LIVE at 12:00pm from Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist with Dr. Justin to bring you office updates. Click and like our office page, hope you can join us! Have a great day today!
wktv.com How coronavirus has affected local dentists Friday Night Facts: Watch my interview explaining how Covid-19 is Affecting Dentistry! Check it out here!! ✨😷🦷 wktv.com Dr. Salina Suy of Zalatan Dental talks about how coronavirus severely affects dentists.

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