Christians Naturally Good Body Products

2303 Genesee St, Utica, NY, 13501

Christians Naturally Good Body Products

2303 Genesee St

Utica, NY, 13501

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This round ball is what is left in the soap pot.
I always lather up immediately to test my soap.
This is my latest blend of Coconut Oil, Hempseed Oil, and Castor Oil.
This batch is a light citrusy scent called “Spring bar”
Just in time!
It’s what my poor hands needed!
It’s silky and bubbly 💕
Can’t wait for everyone to try!
This is the “Hot process” that I have used for years to make Christian’s Naturally Good.
I’m happy to have the time to get back to this craft.
Available soon for contactless pickup! Stay tuned!
[04/26/20]   Hello!
Soaps coming soon!
Details below 👇🏻
The Story of Cosmetics (2010) The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21st, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care ... Beautycounter Beauty Counter is everything I love in a product. The main ingredient is SAFE...
SAFE Sunscreens...
SAFE Skin Care...
SAFE Hair Care and Cosmetics.
The Baby Care line has a Baby Balm that works wonders, not only is it effective for diaper rash it is also giving great results on Psoriasis, and Eczema.
Give it a look.... (August Social) Explore safer skin care products, including toners, moisturizers, face oils, serums, lip care, and sun protection, at
[12/19/16]   The first Facebook soap sale went well today!
Giving me your order on this page definitely made it easier for me to keep track of!
Thank you all 😘
Christians Naturally Good Body Products Update 0 Princess
1 Coconut
3 Amberly
8 Dragonilla
13 Tuscan Blood Orange
[12/19/16]   0 Princess
1 Coconut
3 Amberly
8 Dragonilla
13 Tuscan Blood Orange
Christians Naturally Good Body Products Soap sale is today!
Here's what is left 😊 6 Amberly
9 Dragonilla
4 Princess
5 Coconut
21 Tuscan Blood Orange
[12/19/16]   6 Amberly
9 Dragonilla
4 Princess
5 Coconut
21 Tuscan Blood Orange
[12/19/16]   We are now down to 4 princess bars, 8 coconut...
Still have 21 Tuscan Blood Orange, 13 Dragonilla, 10 Amberly
[12/19/16]   We will begin soon.
Total of 120 bars
I have 20-30 bars in each variety.
Price 4.00 ea
I also have Soap lifts 2/9.00
[12/19/16]   Today's Varieties..
Tuscan Blood Orange
Creamy Coconut
We will start orders at noon
Through PM (messenger) this page.
Please do not order in the comments.
Thank you 😊😉 Castor Oil Uses: The Benefits of Using This Simple Home Remedy Castor oil benefits are well-known ever since the ancient times, but did you know that this home remedy is also used as a chemical warfare agent?
Today Show The FDA says the ingredients may not be safe and they are no better than plain soap and water.
[08/08/16]   Soap making!
Hoping to have a fall soap sale in early September.
6 lbs cooking right now.
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp, Shea, and Pumpkinseed Oil are in the recipe.
Any requests for a scent?
We have a few hours before I get to that step.
Let me know 😉
Mamavation Have you EVER done an armpit cleanse before?

Consider doing one today and detox those armpits from nastiness. This is especially helpful if natural deodorant doesn't work on you. There is typically a reason why that is happening.

Years ago, I was only able to use Secret deodorant. That was it. I would try the natural stuff and it would NEVER work. And then I would say, "this is total BS!" But I was wrong. They DO just need to cleanse that are first.

The cleanse is different per person. Mine was over a weekend. This post will give you step-by-step instructions to help you detox your pits!

Have you tried this before? Share!
Dr. Joseph Mercola This Is What Can Happen To Your Body When You Switch Or Stop Using Cosmetic Products

(Article by: Collective Evolution)
Moms Across America Excellent article!
[03/25/16]   Don't forget!
Tomorrow 10-1
Soapy Saturday!
The Story of Cosmetics (2010) Posting this again because I love it!! The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21st, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care ... The Toxic Skincare Ingredients Hiding in Your Beauty Products If you haven't already, start cleaning up, one product at a time! We connected with industry professionals, from estheticians to med spa owners to advocates on Capitol Hill. What started as a look into toxic ingredients hiding in our skincare products turned into a full-blown beauty industry investigation, with a crash course in chemistry. Here are some basic rule… Add a TBSP. of Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Next Bath to Quickly Release Toxic Buildup If you regularly take baths then you’re probably already aware of some great ingredients to add, like epsom salts for relaxation and easing sore... Comet Cleanser Powder: 146 Toxic Chemicals in Your Most Used Household Cleaner (and what to use... Commercial cleaning products have been linked to neurological problems, cancer, blindness, and asthma. Many are extremely poisonous. Did you know that one hundred forty-six chemicals the EWG found in your most used household cleaner? The most toxic of the chemicals found, including formaldehyde, ben…
Living Traditionally Here's how to detox your entire body to never be sick or tired again
March Against Monsanto Research shows that magnesium can absorbs easily and quicker by topical application. This calming magnesium body butter combines the healing benefits of coconut oil, organic cocoa butter and essential oils with topical magnesium oil. Natural Eyelash Growth Serum Recipe - Wellness Mama This natural DIY eyelash growth serum makes a noticeable difference in eyelash length in a few weeks without chemicals or eyelash extensions. How to Easily Remove Moles and Warts with Hydrogen Peroxide (and stop them from coming back) Hey guys, so do you have skin tags, skin moles or warts that you want to get rid of naturally? I’m going to explain... Triclosan, A Chemical Used in Antibacterial Soaps, is Found to Impair Muscle Function In a new study, the chemical inhibited muscle activity in individual human heart cells, mice and minnows Why Baking Soda Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Use. Here is what you didn’t know baking sod There many uses for baking soda: It deodorizes, neutralizes, and cleans all without the toxic mess of most commercial products. Golden Paste - Turmeric Recipes Save this one!
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Shouldn't be mixed with certain medications. How to make Turmeric Golden Paste - the Number One of the Turmeric recipes tried & tested by TUG. This is the easiest way to store & use turmeric for.......

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