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[05/09/17]   All access BOD for a year with no shake is a flat price of 99.95!! Who is ready to get on the healthy wagon and start losing weight? Message me for details. Just started a new month in my accountability group for country heat and it is never too late to join!!!
[04/06/17]   If you are interested in changing your health and your lifestyle, beachbody has done it again!! All access pass with shakeology is now just $160!!!! Message me today for info and lets get you started!!!
Autumn Calabrese When I saw @joelfreemanfitness Instagram this morning I knew it was to good not to repost 😂. Funny but true.

Did know you can have all three of us for $99.95? I mean, I don't wanna call us cheap but...that's pretty cheap 😂 Beachbody on Demand Annual All-Access pass for just one Benjamin 👍🏻 Happy Valentine's Day! @jerichomcmatthews @joelfreemanfitness #bod #love#fitlife #workout

Use this link:
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Carl Daikeler The emotional side of obesity is often overlooked and dismissed. I'm so proud about how our products and coaches deal with the human side of lifestyle change in such a way that both health and a healthy self esteem are achieved in the most efficient way possible.
Definitely feeling this today. There are no bad workouts, giving it your best is the best you can do. All you need to do is push play. Whose ready to push play and get on their way to a healthier 2017? Contact me to find out how!!! BEACHBODY ALL ACCESS CHALLENGE PACK & MEMBERSHIP There's fire, the wheel, sliced bread, and the NEW Beachbody All Access membership. Click to learn more about this revolutionary new fitness program!
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[02/02/17]   Now is the time to get a jumpstart on your health. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds and tone up, or if you are looking to change your lifestyle, beachbody has the program for you. From Country Heat which is low impact to the new Core De Force, or 21 Day fix programs there is something for everyone. Beachbody has offered all of its programs for an annual fee of $199 with Shakeology, and if you are already a beachbody on demand member you can upgrade for just $99!!!!! Its a deal that you cant pass up, I didnt. Im on my fifth round of country heat now, i have an incredible group of ladies on my side who help motivate me and push me throw. If you are interested in getting a jump on your health, or you have seen the commercials about beachbody and everything it offers, why not jump in now, send me a message and i will help you get started!!! Get Paid to Get Healthy with the Beachbody Health Bet - The Team Beachbody Blog Hoping to reach your health and fitness goals and finally make your New Year’s resolutions a reality? Then check out the Beachbody Health Bet!
Carl Daikeler Check this out!! Contact me for more info!! They asked me to explain the $199 Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack, so I did it in one take! Just kidding (it took two). Here are some of the big takeaways:

• A Challenge Pack, including Shakeology, Portion Fix Containers, and the 21 Day Fix program on DVD, normally goes for $160.
• We're packaging all of that, plus every single program inside Beachbody On Demand, and every single program we release in 2017 for just $199!
• This offer is available for a limited time and only guaranteed through February 2017.
• If you sign up and for whatever reason aren't completely satisfied after 30 days, we'll give you all your money back, no questions asked!
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Country Heat Autumn’s got some new moves for you! Log onto Beachbody On Demand now and start streaming to two brand NEW Country Heat workouts, “Rope & Ride” & “Wild Horse":

With Autumn and the whole Country Heat squad on your side, it’s only a matter of time before your living room becomes a dance party.

**Reminder: must have purchased Country Heat in order to see these workouts in your BOD library :)
Country Heat Before starting Country Heat, Monica B. spent the majority of her time on her couch and ate junk food every day. She decided to make a lifestyle change for her family and committed to 30 days of Country Heat and lost 10 lbs. and 32 inches! She said, “I loved that Country Heat was low impact. I had knee surgery back in May, and I loved that I could modify a step if I felt like I needed to. Now, I don't really modify anything at all. I was absolutely surprised to see my results from dancing for 30 minutes each day.” To learn more about Country Heat, click here:
Look at these results!!! Corey U. used to not like dancing or country music, but he agreed to complete the program with his wife. Now he is singing a different tune after losing 14.2 lbs and 7 inches in 30 days with Country Heat! "I was surprised to see the results I got from this being low impact. What surprised me most was that my heart rate was higher doing this program then it would have been doing a cardio program.” To learn more about Country Heat, click here:
Country Heat new routines coming soon!! We can't get enough Country Heat! Which is why we're bringing you Country Heat Elite, TWO new workouts available exclusively on Beachbody on Demand. We'll be working these leg burnin' booty blastin' moves all night long. Don't miss your chance to rev up your results more than before…so saddle up, & make sure to sign up for Beachbody On Demand before November 1st:
Country Heat Check it out!! Dance off the pounds! Country Heat is so simple anyone can do it.
Country Heat Check this out guys, Country Heat is so much fun and so easy to do!! Turn it up with Country Heat and get your sexiest body yet!
[10/20/16]   My challenge group will be starting a new round of country heat this upcoming monday. If you are interested in getting started with the amazing program, feel free to message me. I have lost 18lbs since i started from doing the excercises and eating right with the help of the portion control containers. My clothes are fitting better, my energy has improved, and i am doing this to work on my health as well. Country Heat is an amazing program, that anyone can do. Message me to find out more!!!
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