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[12/25/20]   🎄 May the holiday season touch your soul and restore your inner balance ☃️
[12/22/20]   I have a few things to do at the shop today from 12:30-3. Message me if you need anything, I can have it ready for you to pick up!
Everything is on SALE~ OPEN
Friday 3-6pm
Saturday 10-2pm
[12/12/20]   Open 10-2 today
Everything is on SALE @ 25-40% OFF
Holiday Shopping Hours
Fridays 3-6 & Saturdays 10-2
Lots of "make you feel good" items, stop in and check out our stocking stuffers too!
[12/02/20]   🎄Holiday Shopping Sales🎄
Fridays 3-6 🔔 Saturdays 10-2
Something for everyone....
[11/28/20]   It's a beautiful day to shop small! Every thing is on sale here and don't forget about the rest of the neighborhood~ Rusty Wheel Pottery, Fine Wine Tully, The Local Food Market-Tully, Bloomin' Cup and more :)
[11/24/20]   New items came in today, and they are on sale too! Lots of great things to check out this Saturday when you support the small businesses. Looking forward to seeing you :)
25-40% OFF everything! SHOP SMALL SATURDAY open 9-4pm Nov 28th. It's a covid clean out, please help us empty our shelves!
[11/09/20]   Everything is 25-40% OFF Classes — Rusty Wheel Pottery Check out my neighbor Classes at Rusty Wheel Pottery are designed to allow anyone from the beginner to the experienced person to go away at the end of a session with objects that they have designed, made, finished and fired. Whether you haven't touched clay since grade school, or have a home studio and are looking to joi...
Tiny Buddha
[10/07/20]   Limited number of appointments available, but our doors are open and we are touching people again!
Fun fact- because of my mature age you can tell I am smiling under that mask! #covidrequirements
[09/02/20]   Last call for testimonials. Anyone else want to share what massage has done for them? Please PM or email. Thank you!
[08/27/20]   Testimonials are coming in and WOW I am in awe with the kind words!
🥰 Thank you
[08/25/20]   Please message your massage testimonials here or email them to [email protected] Much appreciated, thank you!
[08/24/20]   We are taking appointments for mid September forward, only at the Tully office. Please note -face mask is required for a session, no exceptions. We understand if you personally can not wear one, as we are sure you understand we will not risk being exposed and bringing anything home to our families. Please email with appointment request. Thank you! It's been a long few months, let's work on releasing some of that stress and pain that has been building up!
Would anyone like to write a testimonial for the new website? Please and thank you!
*picture of my hubby on his lunch break Check out this great place to stay in Tully Available now if anyone is interested! Message me and I can make it happen. Great place to enjoy the air conditioner too 😍 Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb. Find adventures nearby or in faraway places and access unique homes, experiences, and places around the world.
Kings Corner Market Application Coronavirus hasn't canceled everything. Because the village market is outside, everyone can distance them selves and wear mask etc... the plan is to still offer the market nights. It's a great opportunity to meet your local farmers, artist and producers. Wufoo is a web form builder that helps anyone create beautiful forms, surveys and invitations without writing a single line of code.
[06/15/20]   Update- PPE gear has been ordered. Lots of new rules and regulations.... Please review the following- If you or a member of your household have experienced symptoms, been diagnosed with, exposed to, traveled outside the country or to any city outside our town that has been a “hot spot” for covid-19, PLEASE RESCHEDULE!

*Client will call/text upon arrival and wait inside your vehicle. I will call you at which time I will conduct a pre-screening check-in over the phone, then I will let you into building. Please do not come inside with out confirmation first. There is no waiting room furniture and we are mandated to clean everything you touch. To minimize our additional work, best case scenario is that you walk directly to your treatment room.

*Clients must pass an initial temperature check upon arrival.

*Only the client will be allowed in, unless client is a minor then one parent/guardian will be allowed.

*Client must agree and sign Precautionary Coronavirus Liability Release Form and Covid-19 Health Information & Informed Consent Treatment Form.

*Client must wear a face mask at all times. I will have some masks available if you need one. The exception to this is in the prone position (face down) on the table in which the mask can be removed and a pillowcase in a hammock style will be used. Please don't ask me if this pertains to you, or if you really need to comply.

*There will be no face massage or mouth work.

*I will be wearing a mask at all times and changing it in between each client.

*I will continue to adequately clean, disinfect and sanitize between each client in accordance with the CDC protocols.

We look forward to seeing all of you in the months to come! 😊 Canceled appointments due to Covid-19 pandemic will be priority to reschedule. I know this is a lot to process and it's overwhelming for us too... safety for you and our families is our number one priority.
[06/09/20]   Massage therapy is going to be phase 3! There are requirements on how things need to happen to comply and we will keep you posted as to when we have all the ducks in a row. It’s not as easy as unlocking the door and letting you’ll in....
[05/22/20]   Looking for a motivated person to mow and rake pine cones around the building for the season.
Nails haven’t been this long since 1997. That just goes to show I haven’t been working 😔
Dr.Kim TCM We are not reopening until it gets better than this! This was too good not to share 😂Thanks to my friends @impulsesportwv Posted @withregram • @impulsesportwv Impulse 2020

[05/07/20]   The AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) is in the process of putting together a safety protocol for Massage Therapy businesses to resume services. The hope is for things to happen around June 1st! This will be a result of how successful the response is to businesses that are allowed to open in the phase 1. In the meantime we still offer items that "make you feel good", gift certificates and Woodstock Wind Chimes.
Samantha's Treats & Sweets So excited to have a new business owner in the neighborhood! Good Morning Friends and family,

Today is the day we all have been waiting for. We will be open at 12 today until 10pm. Please, please remember one person at the window at a time, and 6 ft between customers at all times. We have our safety first to keep in mind. We promise to serve you all. Thank very much for coming out today to support us, it's greatly appreciated.
And remember you might not make the first in line today, but you are all our first customers today at Samantha's Treats and Sweets! I can't wait to meet you all and hope to learn your names as we come together.

See you soon! The 2020 Small Business Social Media Playbook Start with your own community. Essential strategy and tools to strengthen your social media presence while building customer connections during COVID-19.
Thinking out of the box...I gifted this to one of my favorite frontline workers. The trifecta of shower tabs!
Here is what she said- “I will use the peppermint to wake up and the eucalyptus to purify after a shift and the lavender to rest!”
[04/22/20]   Happy Earth Day
Everyone can help by doing something
No need to worry, I just tested my hands out and CranioSacral Therapy skills are still up to par. Took a little time to settle his energy, but he’s floating now. #momofboys #touchcinginquarantine #lovewhatyoudo

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