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Snoring? We have the solution! Solea Sleep is a quick and easy procedure that opens your airway so you can get a better night sleep! Call us at 845-918-1801 or visit us at: to schedule a free evaluation today! #soleasleep #sleepbetter #Sufferndentsit
[01/12/21]   Happy New Year! Looking for a New Years Resolution? How about commiting to getting healthy teeth and gums? Here's some steps you can take in the New Year to make sure your smile is taken care of.

🦷 Make an appointment! About 1/3 of people don't see a dentist yearly. Even if your teeth look and feel good, only a dentist can find and diagnose certain problems in your mouth. The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist every 6 months for a healthy adult or child.

🦷Floss! Brushing 2x daily is not enought to remove food completley from your teeth. In fact, flossing does 40% of the work needed to remove sticky plaque and bacteria. A tip to start a floss habit is to keep floss in places you a likely to see it regularly; such as a side table where you read daily.

🦷Cut the sugar! Sugar is the culprit for many body ailments but also dmages the enamel on your teeth causing cavities. Some simple swaps for less sugar are seltzer for soda and sugar free gum.

🦷Be a quitter! smoking doubles your risk for gum disease and raises your risk for oral cancer tenfold.

🦷Make good food choices! Healthy foods are improtant for your overall health but fruits, vegetables, and certain dairy products have added minerals and vitamins, such as calcium and phosphorus, essential for healthy teeth and gums.

Call us to make your checkup today! 845-918-1801
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Before and After! Elimination of damaged enamel causing unsightly white spots, done with the Solea laser and bonding. One appointment, no pain, no needle! Have white spots you've been wanting to improve? Call us today to book your appointment. 845-918-1801 #solealaserdentist #solea #painfreedentistry
The cutest Christmas decoration!
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Wishing all of our patients and their families a healthy, safe and Happy Thanksgving! Dentist Suffern NY 10901 | Suffern Dentist | Dentist Near You Mahwah Fun Facts about your teeth, Thanksgiving Style! 🦃

*Cheese please 🧀! Did you know cheese is great for your teeth? Cheese contains phosphorus and calcium, both help to maintain healthy teeth. Cheese also helps to balance PH levels in your mouth which means less harmful acid and less cavities. So feel free to spend extra time at the cheese plate.

*On average americans eat 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving🍗! Turkey is high in protein, low in sugar, and contains phophorus which helps build strong teeth.

*Pumpkin Pie 🥧 is the most commonly eaten pie on Thanksgiving! Whatever your pie preference is, most contain lots of sugar. Consider swapping out sugar for a sugar substitute like Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol known for is decay-preventitive qualities.

*Canned or homemade? The great cranberry sauce debate! Cranberry sauce without added sugar is extremely beneficial to your teeth. It contains an enzyme known to disrupt the harmful bacteria Strep-Mutans.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving anyway you like and then make sure to visit us to get any leftovers you may have missed. 845-918-1801 Need a dentist in Suffern, NY? At Dental Wellness of Suffern, our dentist happy to help you. Book our dentist near you Suffern, Mahwah, Rockland & Montebello NY.
Solea Sleep is a quick and easy procedure that opens your airway so you can get a better night sleep! Call us at 845-918-1801 or visit us at: to schedule a free evaluation today! #soleasleep #sleepbetter #Sufferndentsit
Did you Know? Taking care of your teeth is important for your whole body! Visit us at for more info and to make your appointment today!
Snoring can Literally Kill you!

No, its not because your significant other might put a pillow over your head while you sleep, although that is possible! Snoring can be caused by obstruction, reduced airway, or can be a result of an anatomical defect such as enlarged tonsils or a loose, floppy palate. This can lead to reduced oxygen and poor sleep quality. This can cause high blood pressure and headaches, as well as have effects on mood, energy, memory, and concentration during the day. Solea Sleep, a quick and painless procedure, tightens soft palate tissue which then opens the airway and reduces vibration.
The results? Less snoring, more airway and oxygen, and a better quality sleep! Contact us today for a free Solea Sleep consultation, Call: 845-918-1801 or visit:
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Stop Annoying Snoring now.
Make sure you schedule your dental check-ups so you don't get a surprise visit from the Tooth Fairy! Book your visit today! Call us at 845-918-1801 or visit us at (Tooth Fairy is modeled by our Hygienist Carissa's daughter 🦷🧚‍♀️) #toothfairy #dentist #saveyourteeth #painfreedentistry
Happy Halloween from Dental Wellness Dentist Suffern NY 10901 | Suffern Dentist | Dentist Near You Mahwah

Stop Annoying Snoring today! Solea Sleep is a "facelift" for your soft palate, giving you more airway and making it easier to breathe!! Visit us at: Need a dentist in Suffern, NY? At Dental Wellness of Suffern, our dentist happy to help you. Book our dentist near you Suffern, Mahwah, Rockland & Montebello NY.
Stop annoying snoring now!
FREE EVALUATION (845) 918-1801 Https://
Https://, call for a free consult (845) 928-1801 #snorenomore, #laserdentist,#soleasleep,#convrgentdental
DOES YOUR PARTNER SNORE? WE HAVE THE CURE! Does your partner snore? We have the cure! Https:// (845)928-1801
Before and after. Gum sculpting!!
call (845) 918-1801 to perfect your smile
Stop snoring in 1 treatment! Call (845) 918-1801 New snore prevention treatment available at Dentalwellness of Suffern. Call 845 918 -1801
[06/03/20]   Benefits of Solea in a Post COVID-19 Environment

Solea reduces the risk of virus and bacteria transmission vs. a drill Reduced Water and Air Pressure vs. a Drill Water spray is a significant factor in aerosolization and the spread of harmful viruses, such as the common cold and influenza viruses, herpes viruses, pathogenic streptococci and staphylococci, and others.

Most drills utilize one to four water ports that are driven by air pressure of ~38 psi and water flow of ~30-60 ml/min (Cavalcanti 2005). Solea utilizes air pressure as low as 10 psi and water flow as low as 10 ml/min, which is 74% less air pressure and 67-83% less water flow when compared to drills.

Based on these factors, the risk of aerosolization and transmission of viruses including COVID-19 is significantly lower with Solea than the drill. Decontamination During Hard Tissue Cutting Solea vaporizes tooth structure using thermal energy, as opposed to the mechanical process of conventional drills.

During laser treatment, the surface temperature of the tooth reaches more than 1,200 degrees Celsius, without transferring heat to the surrounding tissues. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius which, by definition, means Solea kills any virus or bacteria with which the beam comes in contact.

Research conducted with Solea related to the treatment of peri-implantitis validates this claim. In contrast, when using a drill, surface temperatures increase by only 11 degrees Celsius, allowing bacteria and viruses to survive.

Furthermore, a drill cuts by mechanical means with a bur rotating up to 400,000 RPM, which, according to several studies, can project material more than 18 inches outside of the oral cavity. Decontamination During Soft Tissue Cutting As a CO2 laser, Solea has inherent hemostatic properties (Olivi 2009), (Niemz 2003) and delivers energy that serves as a sterilizing agent by eliminating bacteria and viruses.

Both in-vitro (Ando 1996) and invivo clinical studies (Miyazaki 2003) have demonstrated that bacteria reduction happens at tissue temperatures starting at 50 degrees Celsius (Russell 2003). This is extremely important for treating periodontal disease and peri-implantitis, where the pocket harbors millions of bacteria and viruses.

Lasers have been widely used in such applications and have a history of successful performance. Conclusion We believe reduced aerosolization of water spray and increased viral & bacterial decontamination over that of mechanical drills make Solea a safer option for dental practitioners in a post-COVID environment.
Dental Wellness of Suffern Is re-opening Monday June 6th. We are Happy to announce a new service. Solea Sleep treatment for snoring. Call 845-918-1801 to schedule an appointment! We are so excited to see everyone come back!
We at Dental Wellness of Suffern are missing our patients very much during this quarantine! We can't wait to see your lovely smiles and make sure they stay that way when things start to go back to normal.
So, here's some ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean during quarantine!

1: Make sure you brush and floss twice a day.
Your schedule may be out of whack, but make sure you brush right when you wake up even if it is at noon!

2: Use fluoride and a waterpick for extra clean gums and teeth.

3. We know boredom snacking is very easy to do, but try to stay away from sticky sweets. If you do have a craving for the gooey treats make sure you brush right after

4. Try to stay away from snacks that could potentially break your teeth, like almonds, Bagels, crusty italian bread, and granola.

These are some ways to make sure you maintain your healthy smile when things are all shut down! We hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during these very interesting times! New 5 Star Review hygienist was wonderful, professional, made me feel relaxed in chair. the check in was easy and very helpful. New 5 Star Review They are always looking out for your benefit while staying within the confines of your dental insurance. Friendly staff. Very professional. Lots of flexible appointments. New 5 Star Review The staff is friendly & professional. They always make sure I am comfortable, listen to & hear what I have to say & are great at paying attention to details. They usually run right on time & I never feel rushed! But most importantly, my teeth & gums are the healthiest in years! New 4 Star Review Very thorough work done, but I felt rushed although I accommodated them by arriving 1/2 hour earlier. New 5 Star Review I have been coming to Dr. Alpert for about 10 years. I get excellent, professional care, and after initially coming for about a year, I suggested that the rest of my family should come to this practice as well. My children are at ease here, as the Doctor has a remarkable way of working with everyone... New 5 Star Review Dr. Alpert is very knowledgeable and efficient, rendering a tedious procedure pleasant. New 5 Star Review Dr. Albert fit my daughter in today despite a full tight schedule. My daughter was having a lot of pain with her teeth, jaw neck and ear. Dr. Albert did a variety of tests to address the matter. She took the time to go through the various X-rays with me and discussed options. It ended up to not be t... New 5 Star Review Always willing to go that extra mile to help patients. New 5 Star Review Dr. Alpert used a CO2 laser to treat some dental caries thereby obviating the need for any anesthesia. I felt like dentistry had advanced light years ahead. (No pun intended). She knew immediately what to do and did it efficiently and painlessly. I will recommend. Dr Alpert without reservation. New 5 Star Review I don't usually write reviews, but I had to do it this time! My visit to this dental office was by far one of the best dental exams I have ever had. The staff is friendly, courteous and they all make you feel so comfortable in this office. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking fo... Let's get together and discuss our Solea Laser cases Let's get together and discuss our Solea Laser cases

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