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[12/14/17]   To my CrossFit friends,

As you all know, I currently own and operate Metro Fitnesswave, performing hydrostatic body fat, metabolic rate and VO2 testing to clients throughout the Northeast. I have decided, for personal reasons, that the time has come to sell my business and my mobile-testing truck to an entrepreneur interested in taking over the reins. The sale of my business would include an extensive client list and an exclusive to perform these services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Last year, I made approximately $65,000 from Metro Fitnesswave and was only able to devote a portion of my work-week to the company.

This is an incredible opportunity for someone plugged in to the fitness world, with entrepreneurial skills and a desire to grow their own business.

If you are interested in learning more, please email me at [email protected] and we can find a time to discuss further.

All the best,

It was an inspirational day for me at Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense. This was a fund raiser for Yellow Ribbon Fund, which raises money to help wounded veterans get the care and treatment they need. All proceeds for the day went to the Fund.The event began with the Star Spangled Banner, sung in spectacular fashion by Elise Testone, one of the finalists on American Idol in Season 11.There were five WOD's of 20 CrossFittters crushing the demanding workout. The Vets topped it off carrying 50 pound backpacks to do theirs. Veteran TUF(Take Up Fitness) is a program getting veterans into the gym and into the community and civilian life. When I wake up and think I have an excuse not to go to the gym, I think of these guys, get dressed and go. What they were able to do with prosthetic limbs was amazing. They never would give an excuse. I am thankful for their service. These men and women have put their lives on the line so that we can enjoy the freedom we have in our country. Freedom is not free. Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing-Gold Standard for Body Composition! Metrofitnesswave is going to be at CrossFit Solace on August 29th.
This is an open invitation to anyone in the Tri state area who would like to get tested. You do not have to be a member to get a time slot. Use the link below make your reservation. Why Hydrostatic (Underwater) Body Fat Testing? As body fat testing, rather than simple scale weight, has become "the standard" in this new millennium, Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Weighing) has become universally regarded by industry experts as the "Gold Standard" in body fat testing. Renowned au… : Operation Menage-A-WOD 2015 - Event Registration I will have the honor and privilege of being part of Operation Menage A Wod at Blue Titan Fitness in Rockaway, NJ. Anyone interested in getting tested during the day long events will be donating part of the proceeds to helping our Veterans. Come on out and support those who have put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA. There will also be a raffle to win a free Hydrostatic Test. Even if you don't win the free test, you can't lose.
Montvale, NJ was a little rainy but a very fit place. My return to THE GYM Montvale brought out some newbies and some regulars. As one of the few, big box type gyms, the personal trainers here, understand how tracking fitness and establishing benchmarks will help their clients. Richard Samuel and Derek McGuire have shown their clients how to make gains and retain them. I tested Debra Gaccione, who is a year out from doing a show. Once she is ready I will ask her for some photos. At a little over 6%, she looked like she could compete now! Derek is pictured here and is show ready. Sarah Hansson of FitSarah, also pictured, is a personal trainer from the Ramsey area. Incredible shape for a mother of three and her age is something you can ask her. All women are 29, forever! We are working on a date for me to come and test Sarah's clients.
I had a great day being back in Bergen County.
Starting at 6AM is sometimes not early enough! After setting the schedule the day before at Crossfit Central LI, 5:20 and 5:40 tests were added. Chris Isernio, the owner, was texting me late into the night to let me know about the early start. Luckily I booked a cab from the hotel at 5AM and he came early. Seth Friedland,was waiting for me when I arrived and I was happy I set everything up the night before, since time was of the essence. I also owe him a thank you because after he was finished getting tested he bought me breakfast. The schedule was packed with new tests and retests. I was booked into the late afternoon. A tee shirt for me and a tank top for my wife, with their awesome logo, was finally in. Chris was gracious enough to give them to me as a present. Thank you for your generosity. I loved your chair and the logo. Also, some of the members arrived in style. I never saw a car like that before. It was very cool. Never a dull moment on the road.
The return trip to CrossFit Solace in Manhattan started off with a street demolition. My saved parking spots were usurped for the construction crews digging up the street. Amazingly, there was available parking because we do this on a Saturday. It was great to be back to see the excellent results of the 30 Day Challenge. The combination of strength training and Paleo nutrition really causes some life changing body transformations. I see it on a regular basis. If you exercise 5-6 days and eat really clean, fat is shed and muscle is built. It is simple to say and it takes commitment to accomplish. How much you want to change is up to you!
Traveling to Boston is always a treat, since this is where I spent my college years. It is especially rewarding when I returned to CrossFit Boston Iron & Grit in West Roxbury, MA. It was also enjoyable to have breakfast at the Rox Diner. Tina Ramos, has created a box that members are flocking to. Open for just a few months, her membership is exploding. My first trip to the new box, after being open for just a few weeks, amazingly filled the sign up sheet. My return trip added an additional stampede of new members. There is a sense of family in CrossFit, throughout the community, and this box is warm and welcoming and fun to be at. No wonder it is growing by leaps and bounds. The trainers are very knowledgeable and members are seeing how the program gets them in incredible shape. I will be back in September on Sunday, September 20th. I may have to stay over until Monday if the demand continues this way.
Sunday took me to CrossFit New Windsor near Newburgh, NY. Frank was my first dunk and started off the day with some impressive muscle building stats. Karen stole the show with some impressive fat burning and muscle building numbers. Another beautiful day found the box members outside taking turns roping in a Hummer. I even saw a woman with one foot in a soft cast pulling the truck from a seated position. All she needed was a little assistance in moving the rope she pulled in away. It was a
SUNS OUT - GUNS OUT type of day.
[06/11/15]   Crossfit Passaic Valley was my first stop this past weekend. Pete Hasselberger, filled my schedule with some very fit members on Saturday. My eight o'clock start turned into a seven o'clock start as some members just had to get tested before heading off to work. The rainy forecast never materialized as the sun shone all day. I was not sure if it was everyones happiness at the results or if it was the actual weather outside. I love to be able to show people how their hard work pays off.
Food for thought!!! STOP comparing yourself to others! Our bodies are ALL different... What you weigh is not as important as how you feel. Celebrate your uniqueness, there is only one YOU!

For more on dealing with body image perceptions, give this a read:

[06/03/15]   Anthony Preischel of CrossFit Hell's Kitchen packed them in the box and on my truck this past Saturday in Manhattan on West 36th Street and Eighth Avenue. A very busy day with some very fit people. I always like to see how Hydrostatic methodology allows people to see how their bodies transform by building muscle and burning fat. Traditional weight measured on a scale is obsolete. Body composition is more important. What we weigh is not indicative of how fit we are. We can weigh more and have lower body fat and we can measure the changes. Thanks to Calista for keeping the schedule moving and great at supplying us with coffee and decadent biscotti.
Thursday took me to the second anniversary celebration at Oxygen Fitness in New Canaan, Connecticut. A big celebration was planned for the evening.This well appointed traditional gym has expanded to incorporate CrossFit workouts in their regimen. CrossFit New Canaan, I like the sound of it. Members are already shaping up with the existing programming. Adding the CrossFit workouts can only make this great gym into a great box. I think that is a great cause for celebration.
I finally got back to visit one of my original clients, CrossFit Veracity , in their new home in Summit, NJ. A very impressive stand alone, pie shaped building filled with all the accoutrements of a typical box. Leo Munoz, put a box in a pie. It was great to see some familiar faces and introduce myself to new ones. The intermittent downpours did not dampen spirits as members filed in to start a new challenge. I will be back on July 8th to see what I know will be some impressive results.
[05/19/15]   Sunday found me back in the Big Apple to test the members of CrossFit Solace, a uniquely upscale box. Amenities or not, I tested a parade of true dedicated hard working members. The day was extraordinarily orchestrated by Hayden Courtland. Every time slot got filled, parking accommodations were secured on the street and everyone came in on time. Hayden even stayed to accommodate the professional boxers who came after we tested all the members. Thank you for organizing the day so it ran so smoothly. This is the first leg of the Challenge. We are slated to return on June 20th to see the results. I can't imagine anything else but awesome results!
[05/19/15]   Saturday took me back to Fitness Fusion of the Hudson Valley, LLC. This was the end of the Challenge to prepare the team of very fit women for the Tri Meet in Florida this Memorial Day Weekend. Liz Cort, has helped her team build muscle and shed fat so they can make an impact when they compete this weekend. I wish the team the best of luck in the competition and will be looking for you on the ESPN highlights.
The newest addition to my Crossfit Challenge entrants is Iron CrossFit in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Joe Fraser,owner and no relation to the boxer, packed them in for a 90 day Challenge. Hidden in the back of an industrial park, amidst granite countertops, the giant tires were the giveaway that I was in the right place. Actually, it would be more like I found where they hid the box. It is always an adventure and turning around is not an option when you drive a truck. I am grateful for my trucker GPS. I avoid overpasses that are too low and get to places that are definitely not obvious. Thank you to Jen Grasso, a fitness business attorney consultant, for hooking me up with Joe and his partner Mike. It rained a bit on Saturday morning but did not dampen the spirits at the afternoon barbecue. Michael Hernandez was the DJ and blasted out the tunes while frisbees flew into modified garbage cans. A bouncy house kept the kids entertained. All in all a great way to start off the challenge. It was a pleasure to meet and dunk all of you. I look forward to my August 14th return and some awesome results.
I just returned from one of my most frequented boxes, Crossfit Mercer. Owner Dolph Guerds and his members always make me feel at home. I know many members by name and recognize them without a program. The members have embraced my services and use them to regularly track their fitness levels. I am always happy to take the 160 mile journey to their box. We are currently trying to find a date that will test everyones summertime fitness. Traveling calls for rest stops. Sloatsburg, on the NYS Thruway is my Starbucks stop to keep me on my toes for the last 60 miles till home. Can you find my truck tucked in between the big rigs?
Matt Keller at Strength & Honor Fitness in Somerville, NJ showed what a great program he is running by the parade of outstanding results achieved when I returned at the end of the challenge. This time there was no blizzard and just a beautiful blue sky and mid 70 temperatures. I tested a few extremely fit boxers from the Ukraine and Kazakstan. The managers,trainer and boxers all 7 of us were in the truck together. With Russian being the predominant language of the evening, instructions were translated as how to expel all the air in the body underwater. Laughter erupted when the discussion turned to which end of the body the air should be expelled from. Max and his boxers who are ranked in the top 5 will be back for more adventures in testing. Finding Matt's box was not easy as you can see from the photos. I find it is part of the mystique of CrossFit to be in a garage or down some alleyway in an out of the way place. I love that.
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[05/07/15]   Congratulations are in order to Tina Ramos, who just opened a new box in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. In a beautiful new space, CrossFit Boston Iron & Grit , being only six weeks young, filled my truck on Sunday, April 26th. I arrived the night before and was treated to a delicious barbecue. Kudos to Justin's mom,Patti, who made some awesome salads and desserts and provided a lifesaving grill with utensils. There was a great vibe and packed house that lasted late into the night. Lots of luck and success on this new venture. I look forward to returning on June 12th and 13th to test the awesome results I know I will see.
[05/07/15]   My recent trip to CrossFit Boston was combined with an in house competition. It is always nice to be able to see the support that is always so evident in the Crossfit community. Members root for each other to reach new heights and personal bests. Even failed attempts are cheered as stepping stones to eventual successes. Being part of the excitement was a highlight of my trip. Most of the time I am testing the physical fitness in my truck. This time I was able to take some time to see the physical fitness in progress. Lifting properly and regularly helps keep you strong and useful and allows you to function with everyday routines.
[05/07/15]   I am excited to announce that George and Amy Corso of CORSO Conditioning will be merging with Lori Decker's Pulse Cycling and Fitness. They will become FORZA, meaning strength, might and power. As standouts in the community already, the new name fits perfectly. My return visit will be to the renovated Millbrook location where Pulse currently resides. All the best of luck and success at providing outstanding training and fitness to our local community with expanded hours, classes and facilities.
[04/01/15]   An unexpected snowy day in Mahopac at Fitness Unlimited of Mahopac this past Saturday. Thanks to Lorraine and Bob Quigg for hosting me and to Melanie Asadorian and Marie Gorman for orchestrating the sign ups. Being an all women facility didn't prevent some men from diving in. Elite Progression- CrossFit Mahopac sent over a few members in between my regular visits to their box. It was a busy day with people getting benchmarks and checking in to see how their lifting and nutrition programs were working. I will be back in June to help track everyones progress.
[03/17/15]   Traveling to Crossfit Somers X this past rainy Saturday was anything but a washout. It was perfectly organized by Kira Sarros. Thank you to Stephan and Mike for hosting me. My dunking 101 class was very successful as it was my first visit to this box. Being able to provide accurate and consistent analysis was an eye opener to most members being tested. Other methodology gave people the impression that they had much higher levels of body fat. I was happy to provide real benchmarks to work off. My visit also coincided with a nutrition seminar conducted by Victoria Segrave, an extremely fit role model who talks the talk and walks the walk. I have tested a number of her clients and she has done wonders for them. If you are looking for help with your food or fitness, you might want to contact her.
[03/03/15]   As the CrossFit Open got underway, I had the privilege of revisiting Crossfit Passaic Valley run by Pete and Jaime Hasselberger. Usually, the day runs very smoothly, however with 15.1 and 15.1A going on, time slots were constantly getting revised. Eventually we tested all those who signed up. It was a very high energy day as everyone was pumped for the competition. The best part of my job is always being around people who are working on improving their health and fitness. No exception here as I helped track many members fitness levels and gave benchmarks to those new to getting "dunked".

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