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Seven Generations Wellness - Lauren Leadbetter Daley, LMT, RYT

141 Pine Street

Hamburg, NY, 14075

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Open for treatment by appointment only.
NYS recognizes massage therapy as an essential business. Medical massage therapy is an outcome based therapy used as an effective treatment to:
- manage pain
- reduce inflammation
- improve circulation
- relieve nerve compression
- improve digestion
- decrease anxiety
- increase flexibility
- treat other health care concerns

Text or call (716) 289-1120 to book.
Availability this week! Call or text to book. (716) 289-1120
New location - Department of Health certified! Rest assured and come get your yoga on with confidence! 💗 We passed with FLYING COLORS! We are a safe place to do yoga, and NYS agrees ♥️ I send a huge hug to all of the other studio owners I have leaned on and brainstormed with through this time of preparation and scrutiny. It’s been a huge comfort to feel like we are all in this together, because we really are. It is comforting to know there are safe spaces to do yoga throughout WNY. I’m so happy we are officially one of them. #ittakesavillage #vyw #villageyogaandwellness
Happy Fall Equinox!

"Tuesday, September 22: Fall begins this morning at 7:31 AM MDT, the portals of opportunity open at this point of balance. Feel a resurgence for the call for social justice. Appreciate beauty in one another and work towards balanced relationships of all sorts. " We'Moon - excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins
Jupiter ♥️’s Guru Jagat

Dr Morgan is the chiropractor working out of my new location at Village Yoga & Wellness. (Talk about a musculoskeletal party up in here!) 💪🙏🏻
#ittakesavillage For those of you who didn’t know! Chiropractic care can help lots of things, were not just “the spine people”.
While that is our bread and butter it’s not always the cause of the problem. We look at organs and muscles as possible culprits as well!
Get back to being the best version of you!

#chiropractor #femalechiropractor #alignment #adjustment #goodmood #femaledoctor #spine #healthylifestyle
Excited to continue the work that I love in this new and beautifully renovated studio! And deeply, DEEPLY grateful to @villageyogawellness for graciously providing me a soft place to fall 💗 (I can’t WAIT for you all to see this place!)

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Healing Waters, my Massage practice’s home for 12 years is closing. As of September 7th I will be moving into an interim space in a new studio located in Hamburg - owned and operated by my dear friend Beth. I am continuing to look for space in the village of East Aurora and I will keep you posted on that status. I will contact each booked client to ensure you know where to show up as things evolve.
Massage Therapy is open at Healing Waters, following all NYS guidance for safety and booking appointments! Call or text Lauren at (716) 289-1120 REOPENING TODAY!

I am so excited to announce my reopening today!
I have reached out to many of the clients that lost appointments during the shutdown for rescheduling. If you have not received a call and are interested in an appointment, now is the time to schedule.
Please call or text me at 716-289-1120.

All NYS regulations are being adhered to.
Please wear a mask or face covering as entering the building.
At this time, the yoga studio is still closed - this limits the amount of people actually using the studio to me and my clients only.
Moving forward, I am the only practitioner working out of my particular room.
As long as weather permits, clients are asked to wait on the porch for me to invite you in for your session. A sanitizing station is set up upon arrival.
I will be sanitizing before and between each client.
I will be wearing a smock, a mask and at times safety goggles during the massage.
I have aquired a special table covering to go over my padding and warmer, so that the table can be sanitized completely after each client.
I will be self monitoring and keeping a log of my health - and of course if any diversion from wellness would occur, I would inform and cancel appointments. I ask that you too self evaluate before keeping an appointment.
At this time, I will refrain from performing massage to the face. Clients will be asked to keep their masks on through the massage when in the supine (face up) position. You may remove your mask when prone (face down) - that is when I will put on my safety goggles. (So, you wont really see me - but I'll be looking pretty goofy)

Im eager to see you all and work on your amazing bodies - HOWEVER - I am also aware that some may not feel comfortable returning just yet. Please know that I completely support that as well and as always encourage you to listen to your body and your 'gut' - you know best! So no pressure! Take care and be well!!!

Lauren Leadbetter Daley, LMT, RYT
(716) 289-1120
[06/29/20]   Reopening Update:
I am now able to schedule clients. I will begin by contacting all those who lost appointments during the shut down. If you had an appointment scheduled for an upcoming date, please clear that out - we are starting from scratch and all appointments will be replaced. Thank you so much for your patience! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
[06/10/20]   UPDATE:
(Cue the trumpets) *WE HAVE A PHASE!*
Massage Therapists have been assigned Phase III for reopening. The news came in yesterday, and it is so nice to have some clarity. Where ever the saying "oh, its just a phase" came from was not feeling my (or your!) pain, I'm guessing. :)

I am reviewing the lengthy guidance and beginning to write my official plan for addressing both the mandatory and suggested precautions. It is lengthy, so please bear with me.

There is, as of yet, no official date for Phase III to begin, due to the purpose of phasing, and the need to have each phase deemed successful before progressing. Once the date for Phase III is declared and I have arranged and prepared according to the imposed precautions, I will have a clearer idea of when I can begin to reschedule. (Please keep in mind, there will be some significant changes - it might not look the same, but I will do my best to continue to foster a healing and relaxing environment, under these circumstances.)

I will be contacting all those whose appointments were cancelled first for rescheduling - and then move on to new requests for appointments. Each person will be notified directly from me. If you are interested in an appointment, please still do contact me to get yourself on that list. Please leave a voice message or text at (716) 289-1120.

In addition, I have been filling up on continuing education courses and have lots of new little tricks up my (well sanitized) sleeve that I am SO excited to share! And a fancy new brochure, that I will share photos of soon!

I hope you are all doing great! I can't wait to see you soon! I will "keep in touch" (massage puns make me happy)

To be continued... (YAY!)

- Lauren
[06/01/20]   Compassionate guidance and real talk, from my teacher, Guru Jagat. ✌️💗💪🙏🏻
[05/30/20]   UPDATE:
I have been receiving calls from clients and continue to be grateful for your patience.

*** The following is copied information from the American Massage Therapy Association.

As of today, what remains true for NYS LMTs is:

• We still cannot provide Massage Therapy services at this time;

• This is still true even if you are working in a Chiropractic office or other medical offices;
There are no exemptions; if you think you are exempt, make sure you have it in writing from either the Governor or the Empire State Development, as they are the only ones who have jurisdiction on this matter;

• Massage Therapy is not specifically designated in a particular phase; additionally, massage therapists have not been given a date by NYS to resume practicing
[05/18/20]   UPDATE:
Seems time for a little communication with you all. As other Title VIII health care professionals are being assigned phases for reopening, Massage Therapy continues to be in waiting status. I can only imagine, that this is due to the exceptional closeness in which we operate with our clients. They simply don’t know where and when to put us. While it’s difficult to remain in this limbo - I do understand the uniqueness of our work together. And though I really REALLY want to get back to that work, I am committed to adhering to those guidelines. So for now, we wait. I’ve ordered masks and gloves and fancy smelling hand sanitizer so that when it is time, I am READY TO GO! I will let you know as soon as I know. And again, in the meantime, take care of yourself, take care of your family, and stay well! 💗
All my best,
[05/07/20]   UPDATE:
Hello, friends. I want to take this time to update you on the status of reopening my practice and what I have been up to during this unexpected hiatus. As we know Governor Cuomo is setting plans in place to begin the reopen of New York in phases. Massage Therapy is not a part of phase 1, for obvious reasons. According to that information, as of right now, the absolute earliest we would be able to reopen is June 1st. The American Massage Therapy Association is working to propose safety guidelines and receive approval for reopen and I will keep myself and you updated on that status as soon as it is available.

I want to let you know that I am using this time wisely and with my work ever on my mind. I have taken several continuing education at home study courses; I'm reviewing anatomy systems; and practicing on myself and my husband and 2 year old... (they're pretty ok with that!).

I am in the process of expanding my services offered to include wider use of additional therapy modalities, as well as additional spa like add ons. (For example: a deeply relaxing and therapeutic "Heaven and Earth" session focusing on head, face and feet.... its going to be super dreamy!!!)

I have been doing my yoga and meditation daily to keep connected to that work that I love so much as well. I hope you have found practices that have helped you keep focused and in love with your beautiful minds and bodies too! Healing Waters has just begun teaching some online free classes, so please check out their facebook.

In addition, I have been developing a new course for self massage, so that if we find we are separated for any time again, you will have gained some extra skills for your own self care.

I SO sincerely appreciate the support I have received from countless of so many of you, my AMAZING clients, that have contacted me to check in on me or offered to buy gift certificates and pre pay for sessions... I am SO touched to work with such a kind and generous community of humans! I can not express my gratitude fully in this post. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you from the depths of my heart. I can NOT wait to get back to work and see all of your lovely faces and hypertonic trapezius'! :)
[04/16/20]   We have received instructions from NYS to now remain closed through May 15th, and I am really feeling compelled to check in. I hope you and your families are well. I miss my work; my treatment room; my yoga classes; and all the lovely teachers at Healing Waters; but most of all - I miss YOU - my amazing, generous, kind and fun clients!

All this time away from my business has once again affirmed to me how intensely fortunate I am to LOVE my work so much! I am SO looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Til then, please take care! -
[03/20/20]   Update:
At this time I will be closing my massage therapy practice. For all currently scheduled appointments, I will contact those who were cancelled first to reschedule when we open the doors again. In the meantime, I wish the very best of health and happiness to you and your families!
[03/16/20]   Dear Friends,
Due to the current Covid_19 situation, Healing Waters has been closed through the end of this month. This includes the following Seven Generations Wellness courses:
Already in progress - Kundalini Yoga
March 19th Spring Equinox Yoga
March 26th Prenatal Yoga

Plans are being made to make some courses available through online streaming and I will update that information as that evolves, if that is possible for these courses.

In the meantime, this is a time for self study, reflection and putting into play our own personal meditation and yoga practices.

I wish the best to all of you through this time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Sat Nam,
Lauren Courses & Workshops – Healing Waters Yoga Center You can register for the Kundalini program starting tonight at See you soon! Our foundational courses in Yoga, Meditation, & Stress Reduction have been offered successfully at HW for many years. The following Courses offer a great way to start and to deepen the practices of Yoga and Meditation so that they can grow and become a resource of strength and balance in our fast pa...
Check out my handcrafted body butters - made with pure raw unrefined organic ivory shea butter; organic expeller pressed jojoba and essential oils. Grab one at your next Massage session or add to a gift certificate purchase. Currently stocked are lavender OR spearmint eucalyptus. (My two faves). • 🌱• 🌱• 🌱These butters are my preferred emollient for my massage therapy practice, but I also use them personally as face and body moisturizer. A little goes a long way. #naturalbeauty #organicskincare @ Seven Generations Wellness - Lauren Leadbetter Daley, LMT, RYT
Time for a massage? 😂

#massagetherapy #eastaurorany #sevengenerationswellness #LMT #healthylifestyle #716buffalo
Ever been curious about Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini Yoga is much different than what may come to mind when we think of Yoga and common Hatha Yoga postures.

Kundalini Yoga is used to balance the chakras and increase your inner radiance. Tapping in to the luminous creative intelligence within you creates a clear path for energy to rise. By opening and balancing our chakras, we enhance ALL aspects of our lives and strengthen our internal “survival tools” to manage today’s challenges.

In this class, we will use movement and static holds while working with breathe and intention to heal the nervous system, physical body, and mind.

All levels welcome, no previous experience required.
• Register for the full 6 week course $95
• Workshop drop in rate $18 per class (Healing Waters class passes not accepted)
#kundaliniyoga #eastaurorany #716buffalo
Seven Generations Wellness - Lauren Leadbetter Daley, LMT, RYT's cover photo
Seven Generations Wellness - Lauren Leadbetter Daley, LMT, RYT's cover photo
Seven Generations Wellness - Lauren Leadbetter Daley, LMT, RYT's cover photo
Kundalini class tonight at 7pm. We will work on Total Body Balance. Reach and raise the radiance within you. $16 drop in. Healing Waters in East Aurora. Join us! @healingwatersyoga
The word of the week / The work of the week:
Balance the aura and electromagnetic field, develop muscular coordination, and bring equilibrium to the brain. •
Come, practice, tune in and tune up.

#kundaliniyoga #hathayoga #prenatalyoga #eastaurora #healingwatersea #wny #yoga #kundalini #prenatal
This week’s Kundalini class, we create, ignite and slow cook in some gorgeous self love. 💗

“Let the wind be behind you, angels dance with you and your consciousness guide you to victory. Let the angels, the great souls, the avatars, and all incarnations of god pray for you. Walk tall and bless all, in your innocence with your love, for each ones peace and prosperity. Remember what time wants; serve the needs of time and space. You will be sacred, exalted, beautiful, bountiful and fulfilled.” #yogibhajanquotes
Lovely Winter Solstice practice last night! Thank you to everyone who was able to come out! It was a joy and honor to share space with you for a time! ✨ Happiest holidays to you all! 🌟

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